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Administration and Finance Council

Values Statement

Our vision is one of ‘Contributing Together’ to provide exemplary service.  Our interdependent departments function collaboratively, and across VIU in support of the mission and plans of the university.


Administration and Finance Council provides an open forum for members to collaborate, share information, problem solve, and seek guidance.  Furthermore, the Council provides an opportunity to work together in developing divisional priorities, metrics, and report on progress.

Guiding Principles

Building on VIU’s core values as articulated in the Academic Plan:

  • Leadership – experts who value diversity in our community, demonstrate integrity, trustworthiness, and respect
  • Partnership – build respectful, collaborative relationships among ourselves and with all members of the University and external communities
  • Service – provide optimal service
  • Accountability – develop and maintain efficient, effective, and responsive processes and practices
  • Transparency – foster openness and communication
  • Competency – develop and maintain high standards in skills, knowledge, and abilities
  • Stewardship – assume financial and regulatory responsibility that preserves, protects, and enhances the University’s resources and manages risk and liability
  • Sustainability – foster a climate of operational and environmental sustainability
  • Innovation – support creativity and risk-taking
  • Celebrate Successes