VIU Scenery


Office of the Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President Administration

  • Marlene Kowalski, Interim CFO and Vice-President Administration (Chair)
  • Janette Polson, Executive Assistant, Office of the CFO and Vice-President Administration
  • Nikki Klaassen, Director, Strategic Initiatives, Office of the CFO and Vice-President Administration

Facilities and Ancillary Services

  • Richard Lewis, Interim Associate Vice-President, Facilities and Ancillary Services


  • Stephen Clements, Associate Director of Finance, Accounting Services
  • Robert Okashimo, Director, Enterprise Risk Management

Information Technology

  • Darren Eveleigh, Co-CIO and Director, Information Technology Operations
  • Andrew Speed, Co-CIO and Director, Enterprise Systems
  • Dan Brydges, Manager, Enterprise Systems
  • Karl Childress, Manager, IT Infrastructure
  • Arwen Schewe, Manager, Client Services
  • Lyndon Allbury, Manager, IT Projects
  • Michael Carpenter, Web Manager

Marketing and Communications

  • Jean Maltesen, Associate Vice-President, Marketing and Communications
  • Janina Stajic, Director, Communications and Public Engagement
  • Shari Bishop-Bowes, Manager, Strategic Marketing

Additional Members

  • Fred Jacklin, Registrar
  • Kristine Chyplyk, Manager, Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic
  • William Litchfield, Associate Vice-President, Community Partnerships/Chief Advancement Officer
  • Dan VanderSluis, Associate Vice-President, Human Resources 
  • Brenda McKay, Director, Human Resources
  • Patricia Elliott, Director, Human Resources
  • Ben Hyman, University Librarian
  • Kate Jennings, Director, International Student Services