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Call for Nominations

Vancouver Island University invites nominations for the position of Chancellor for a three-year term, ideally commencing September 1, 2020. The Chancellor is appointed for a term of three years and may serve for a maximum of two consecutive terms. The Chancellor serves as a volunteer and receives no remuneration. A nomination is confidential and should not be discussed with the nominee.

 Louise Mandell’s final term as Chancellor ends this fall. Chancellor Mandell’s work as the University’s second Chancellor over these six years is deeply appreciated by the entire University community.

 The Chancellor is the titular head of the University who confers degrees. The Chancellor is a member of the Board of Governors and the Senate and is also an ex-officio member of various committees. The Board of Governors appoints the Chancellor on nomination by the VIU Alumni Association and after consultation with the Senate.

 In accordance with the provisions of Procedure 11.26.005 - Selection, Appointment and Re-appointment of a Chancellor, the University Secretary and Alumni Relations Office are issuing a call for nominations. Characteristics to be sought in a Chancellor are set out in the procedure. Those characteristics are expanded below to illustrate the type of individual being sought.

A nominee should have the following professional and personal characteristics:

  • personal integrity, approachability and a collaborative leadership style with a respect for the open exchange of ideas
  • passionate about higher education and the mission and values of Vancouver Island University in particular
  • an effective communicator who exhibits diplomacy and good judgment
  • respected in the university and external community and has the capacity to assist the university in fulfilling its role and ambitions
  • distinguished in his/her own field with a national or international reputation
  • understands the importance of fundraising to the university and is able to provide leadership in fundraising campaigns as appropriate;
  • committed to cultivating an appreciation for diversity on campus
  • willing to advocate on behalf of the university, promote its interests, and raise its profile
  • able to devote time and energy to the duties of the role, including participating in convocations and meetings of the Board and the Senate
  • understands the ceremonial aspects of the role

 Please note: Under the provisions of the University Act a chancellor may not be:

  1. employed by a British Columbia university;
  2. a member of the Parliament of Canada;
  3. a member of the Executive Council or of the Legislative Assembly;
  4. a member of the public service in the ministry; or
  5. a member of the public service designated by the minister.

All members of the university community, including students, alumni and employees, are invited to send suggestions of individuals, including why they may be appropriate for this role by Friday, February 28 in confidence to:

Marie Armstrong
University Secretary
Vancouver Island University
900 Fifth Street, Nanaimo BC V9R 5S5

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