SSP Materials and Resources

The following materials and resources are meant to assist in the committee with the development of the Student Services Strategic and Operational Plan.

Most recent material or resource additions are marked with an asterix (*)


Student Services Draft Report March 11, 2013


Academic Plan ~ Approved by the Vancouver Island University Board of Governors, November 25, 2010

Advising Services at Malaspina University-College: Strategic Directions 2002-2005 - (2002) A report of the University Planning and Analysis Project Committee.

American Educational Research Association - AERA is concerned with improving the educational process by encouraging scholarly inquiry related to education and evaluation and by promoting the dissemination and practical application of research results. AERA is the most prominent international professional organization, with the primary goal of advancing educational research and its practical application.

Canadian Association of College & University Student Services - CACUSS is a professional bilingual association representing and serving those individuals who work in Canadian post-secondary institutions in student affairs and services. Since 1973 CACUSS has provided professional development services and programs for members in all the Canadian provinces.

Committee Resources - A site containing links only accessible by Student Services Strategic and Operational Plan Committee members.

Creating a Retention Culture - (2010) A paper on retention created by

Exceptional Senior Student Affairs Administrators' Leadership (2011)(Exec. Summary and quote) - Written primarily for aspiring, new, and seasoned senior student affairs administrators who seek to become highly effective in their roles as campus and community leaders. NB: Book available from the NASPA Bookstore.

Keeling Report - Strengthening Recruitment, Student Services and Student Success (May 20, 2010) - A report created for Malaspina University-College in 2007.

Learning Reconsidered: A Campus-wide Focus on the Student Experience (Jan. 2004)- An argument for the integrated use of all of higher education’s resources in the education and preparation of the whole student. It advocates for transformative education – a holistic process of learning that places the student at the center of the learning experience.

Learning Reconsidered 2: Implementing a Campus-Wide Focus on the Student Experience (2006) - shows how to create the dialogue, tools, and materials necessary to put into practice the recommendations in Learning Reconsidered. NB: Book available from Chapters, Amazon, ABE Books and the NASPA Bookstore.

Mt.Royal Student Services Plan

NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education - The foremost professional association for student affairs administrators, faculty, and graduate and undergraduate students and the leading voice for student affairs administration, policy, and practice, and affirms the commitment of the student affairs profession to educating the whole student and integrating student life and learning.

One Size Does Not Fit All: Traditional and Innovative Models of Student Affairs Practice (Feb. 2006) - By accessibly presenting different types of institutions that have all experienced high levels of student engagement and graduation rates, the authors set out to discover the policies, practices and programs that can contribute to student success.

Restricted Resources - This page contains resources that are only available to Student Services Plan Committee members for copyright and/or permission reasons.

Six suggestions for presidents to improve undergraduate education (June 2011) - An open letter in the "In My Opinion" section of AUCC's University Affairs/Affaires Universitaires.

The Learning Experience (February 19, 2010) - A draft document integrating work from the Strategic Enrolment Management and Academic Plan committees.

The Postsecondary Landscape in Canada - A presentation by Ken Steele, Senior Vice-President of Academica Group.

* Undergraduate Education Report - A report on the AUCC workshop on undergraduate
education in Halifax, March 6-8, 2011.

University 101 (2005) - The case for a University 101 course at Malaspina University-College

VIU Vision - the University Vision


2009 DASCO Trends in Employment - A fact sheet based on the BC Diploma, Associate Degree, and Certificate Student Outcomes Survey (2010 Dec.).

BC Post Secondary Admissions from 2009 - Environmental Scan of all BC Post Secondary

Key Student Outcomes Indicator - Annual report published by BC Stats.

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) - The National Survey of Student Engagement tracks baccalaureate student opinions on a variety of measures related to their educational experience. VIU currently schedules its participation in NSSE every second year.

Student Enrolment Reports

Student FTE by credential and campus - Snapshot provided by University Planning and Analysis.

Student Headcount by credential and campus - Snapshot provided by University Planning and Analysis.

VIU University Planning and Analysis ~ Related Links - Links to government and industry statistics and reports; provided by University Planning and Analysis.

Without a Trace: An Examination of Former Post-Secondary Students Who Left the System Without a Credential and Did Not Return - Findings from the BC Stats 2009 Short Stay Early Leaver Student Outcomes Survey.