Student Learning, Engagement, Retention and Success

This committee is a working group of the Planning and Priorities Standing Committee of Senate.

Our mandate comes from Action Item #2 of the Academic Plan:

"Launch an initiative to improve student learning, engagement, retention and success.

  • Determine and improve the quality and effectiveness of student learning
  • A review is required of the undergraduate curriculum, including an assessment of breadth, learning outcomes, laddering opportunities, options for core curriculum, and the structure of undergraduate and graduate programs
  • This initiative should inform a plan for upgrading existing environments and adding new facilities and equipment
  • This review should identify processes that would build student leadership and the appreciation of intellectual and practical skills to explore ways to develop the citizenship potential of all students
  • A review is also required of services that directly support the learning experience, including, but not limited to, the Advising Centre, the Campus Career Centre, the Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning, the Library and the Writing Centre” (from Academic Plan)

Action: A working group of the Senate Standing Committee on Planning and Priorities is requested to make recommendations on this issue by October 2012."

Our working group has a core membership of faculty (instructional, library, and student services) and academic administrators, but also draws on expertise from other sectors of the university – Office of University Planning and Analysis, Facilities, and the Teaching and Learning Centre, to name a few – in order to address this broad range of tasks. In addition, committee members have initiated a campus conversation about the basic design of an undergraduate degree, in particular the BA, with the aim of improving engagement, retention, and student success.