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International Women's Day

Message from the President

On International Women’s Day, I am proud to share my appreciation for the remarkable contributions of women here at Vancouver Island University and beyond.

Today serves as a global reminder to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements, resilience and progress made by women in all walks of life.

I deeply appreciate the invaluable leadership and expertise that women contribute across every facet of our institution. Their vital roles enrich our community significantly, from faculty and researchers who contribute to diverse programs that enhance our understanding of gender equity and studies. This spans a broad spectrum, including historical perspectives, reproductive health, brain science, Indigenous contributions, tourism, literature, and the involvement of women in trades. The multitude of ways in which our female students, faculty, and staff enrich the intellectual and cultural landscape of our institution cannot be overstated. We extend our heartfelt thanks for their unwavering commitment and passion. Their efforts are instrumental in forging a safer, more productive, and equitable world for all.

On International Women’s Day we also acknowledge that pervasive structural inequities still exist and prevent women from escaping poverty, receiving adequate healthcare, living in a safe and stable housing, and participating in the workforce, especially at senior leadership levels.

As a community, it is up to each of us to commit to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment. Collectively, we can confront structural inequities and help create an environment where the unique perspectives and contributions of all women are valued and celebrated. Together, we can foster understanding, challenge stereotypes, and build a future where opportunities are available to everyone, regardless of gender.

On International Women’s Day, I encourage each of us to appreciate and celebrate the women in our lives, reflect on how they have contributed to the progress of women, and consider our collective responsibility to strive for gender equity.




Deborah Saucier, PhD

President and Vice-Chancellor

Vancouver Island University


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