President's Council

The terms of reference and membership for the President's Council are as follows:

Terms of Reference

The President’s Council serves several purposes as follows:

  • provide cohesive and highly engaged leadership to the university, and provide counsel to the President, other members of the Senior Management Group and the Council-at-large.
  • discuss/debate university directions, strategic decisions, policies and macro-level procedures and operations.
  • provide a forum for members to bring forward for discussion opportunities and issues of relevance to the broader community.
  • provide support and oversight for:
    • completion and implementation of the Integrated Planning Process (and resulting Plans), and
    • development and implementation of multi-year financial and human resource plans.
  • provide a forum for university wide two-way communications and engagement:
    • to ensure communications and information is more widely shared and disseminated from leadership to and throughout the university, and
    • to provide a mechanism by which faculty, employees, students and various faculty councils can provide information and feedback directly to President's Council members, and through them, the the entire President's Council.
  • actively build understanding of the opportunities and challenges; sharing advice and feedback.
  • actively engage the University community in the pursuit of the VIU Mandate, Vision and Purpose.

The Council normally meets twice per term. Agenda submissions/inquiries should be forwarded to the Executive Assistant to the President.


Position Name
President and Vice-Chancellor Deborah Saucier
Provost and Vice-President, Academic Carol Stuart
Interim Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President, Administration Marlene Kowalski
University Secretary Marie Armstrong
Senior Advisor to the President, Social Innovation and Strategic Partnerships Robin McLay
Associate Vice-President, Academic Ross MacKay
Interim Associate Vice-President, Facilities and Ancillary Services Richard Lewis
Associate Vice-President, Finance and Risk Management Wendy Young
Associate Vice-President, Human Resources Dan VanderSluis
Chief of Staff, Office of the President Lidia Surman
Associate Vice-President, Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity Nicole Vaugeois
Associate Vice-President, Student Affairs Irlanda Price
Associate Vice-President, University Relations and Chief Advancement Officer William Litchfield
Acting Dean, Faculty of Academic and Career Preparation Rita Alton
Dean, Faculty of Arts and Humanities Marni Stanley
Dean, Faculty of Education David Paterson
Dean, Faculty of Health and Human Services Patricia O'Hagan
Acting Dean, Faculty of International Education Graham Pike
Acting Dean, Faculty of Management Bryan Webber
Acting Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology Eve Stringham
Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences Elizabeth Brimacombe
Dean, Faculty of Trades and Applied Technology Glynis Steen
Acting Campus Academic Administrator, Cowichan Karen Leeman
Campus Administrator, Powell River Campus Greg Cran
Director, Aboriginal Education Sharon Hobenshield
Director, Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning Maxwell Stevenson
Co-CIO and Director, Enterprise Systems Andrew Speed
Co-CIO and Director, IT Operations Darren Eveleigh
Director, Equity, Diversity and Human Rights Monica Kay
Director, Strategic Initiatives Nikki Klaassen
Director, Communications and Public Engagement Janina Stajic
Director, Enterprise Risk Management Robert Okashimo
Director, Office of University Planning & Analysis Kathryn Snow
Registrar Fred Jacklin
University Librarian Ben Hyman