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General Operations of the President's Council

  1. The President's Council meets twice during the Fall and Spring terms (four times per year) via Zoom. Required ad hoc meetings will be called at the discretion of the President.

  2. The agenda line-up is finalized by the President in consultation with other members of the Senior Management Group.

  3. The Council is supported by the Office of the President.

  4. Discussion items will typically include a one-page briefing note to bring macro
    institutional attention to the opportunity/issue. The briefing note should identify:

    1. Subject/topic;

    2. Link to achievement of appropriate VIU Objective;

    3. Implications (timing, financial, facilities, human resources, technology and operations, etc.);

    4. Recommendation and accountability

  5. Advisors will be invited to attend President's Council meetings as required.

  6. Presenters will be asked to complete the briefing sheet, and to make a brief
    presentation prior to general discussion. Presentations will be limited, where
    possible, to 15 minutes in length.

  7. Standing agenda items will include brief macro-level updates from the President, VPAP and VPAF.

  8. On occasion, professional development workshops will be offered to the President's Council (others may also be invited to attend).