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VIU Strategic Plan Dashboard

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Commitment one

Welcome a larger and more diverse population of learners.

Increase enrolment

7805 enrolled in 2021-22, and 7841 enrolled in 2022-23.

Total full-time enrolled students (FTEs) by fiscal year. Source: Office of University Planning and Analysis (OUPA) Data Point, May 1, 2023.

Representation of equity-seeking students

Students self-report as: 

  • 17% - one or more disability
  • 14% - visible minority group (excludes Indigenous students)
  • 11% - Indigenous (First Nations, Metis or Inuit)
  • 2% - non-binary
  • 2% - transgender

Source: VIU Bi-annual Fall 2021 Student Success Survey (baseline measure)

Commitment two

Become a more inclusive and healthier place for work and study.

Representation of equity-seeking employees

Self-identification responses from job applicants:

  • 50% - woman
  • 18% - racialized person
  • 9% - person with a minority sexual orientation or gender identity
  • 5% - person with a disability
  • 4% - Indigenous person

Source: Human Resources 2022-23

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Positive student and employee mental health and well-being

"VIU shows concern for students' well-being."

69% strongly agree or somewhat agree

Source: VIU Bi-annual Fall 2021 Student Success Survey (baseline measure)

"At VIU, employee well-being is important."

56% strongly agree or agree

Source: Fall 2020 VIU Employee Experience Survey (baseline measure)

PlaceCommitment three

Grow to be the region's hub for research and expertise.

Inquiries for expertise

206 enquiries for expertise in 2021-22 and 215 enquiries for expertise in 2022-23

The number of community partners engaged in VIU research by academic year (baseline measure).

$1.95 million in grants in 2021-22 and $2.24 million in 2022-23.

External grants and contracts by fiscal year.

Source: Office of Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity, ROMEO database, May 2023.

Location of VIU alumni

56% of alumni are on Vancouver Island, 25% are in the rest of BC, 14% are in other provinces and 5% are outside of Canada.

Reported locations of VIU Alumni in 2023. Source: 2023 Alumni Survey (baseline).

Commitment four

Build stronger partnerships with Indigenous communities.

Increased co-created programs and projects with Indigenous partners

$2.4 million external grants in 2021-22 and $3.0 million in external grants in 2022-23

Value of external grants and contracts annually. Source: Office of Indigenous Education and Engagement.

Partnerships with Indigenous communities

Seven partnership contracts in 2021-22 and 9 in 2022-23.

Source: Office of Indigenous Education and Engagement.

PotentialCommitment five

Become a leader in learning for new generations.

Range of delivery formats

Thirty-nine percent

Percentage of students who took courses that were fully online. Source: OUPA Data Point, May 1, 2023


Three thousand five hundred forty-seven

Credentials awarded in fiscal year 2022-23.

Increase retention and graduation rates

74% of fall students returned in 2020-21 and 77% in 2021-22

Percentage of fall entry bachelor's degree students returning for second fall. Note: Year represents the entry cohort year.

53% of students graduated after six years in 2020-21 and 54% in 2021-22

Percentage of bachelor's degree students who have graduated after six years. Note: year represents the graduation year.

Source: OUPA Student Goals Fiscal Year Snapshot, May 2023.

Commitment six

Expand life-enriching and career-building experiences.

Increase engagement in higher-impact practices

"I have opportunities for experiential, hands-on learning" - 70% strongly agree or somewhat agree

Source: VIU Bi-annual Fall 2021 Student Success Survey (baseline measure)

Provide more opportunities for life-enriching and career-building opportunities

156 one-on-one appointments. 162 Employees engaged, 1092 students engaged.

Career Studio events. Source: Centre for Experiential Learning 2023 (baseline measure)

25 Indigenous interns engaged in 2021-22 and 27 in 2022-23.

Number of Indigenous interns matched with employers. Source: Indigenous Intern Leadership program, 2022-23.

Updated September, 2023.