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Disclosure of Personal Information to Law Enforcement or Emergency Personnel Protocol


The purpose of this protocol is to outline the steps to take when VIU receives a request for personal information from law enforcement or emergency personnel or in the event of an emergency.


This protocol applies to all VIU employees and contracted service providers.


Requests for personal information from law enforcement or emergency personnel should immediately be referred to VIU’s Privacy Officer ( who will verify the identity of the official(s) and their authority to request the personal information.

Disclosure to Law Enforcement Agency (non-emergency)

VIU may disclose personal information to a law enforcement agency in Canada to assist in an investigation undertaken with a view to a law enforcement proceeding, or from which a law enforcement proceeding is likely to result.

Requests for personal information from law enforcement agencies must be authorized and contain the following details:

  • Name of the agency/detachment making the request
  • Name, title, identification/badge number of officer requesting information
  • Investigation file number
  • Authority for the investigation
  • Exact nature of the information desired
  • Name and other required identifiers of the individual whose information is requested
  • Purpose for which the requesting agency will use the information

The written request for personal information and the outgoing correspondence (recording the fact that disclosure did or did not take place) should be retained on file.

Disclosure in Emergency Situations

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) allows for the disclosure of personal information if compelling circumstances exist that affect anyone’s health or safety.  There must be a danger to a person's physical or mental health or a threat to a person's life for the disclosure to fall under this provision. Requests for emergency disclosure may be granted if the above criteria are demonstrated. For example, an employee requires emergency medical attention, and another employee is asked to provide any known health related information to assist attending paramedics.

It is important to have up-to-date emergency contact information for all employees. This information should be regularly confirmed with employees, for example, on an annual basis. Employees should be advised to update their emergency contact information if their situation changes.

Questions Regarding this Protocol

If you have any questions regarding the above protocol, please contact VIU’s Privacy Office at