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Personal Information Records Request Procedure

Student Records

Students may order their official transcripts from the Registration and Admissions Office, via logging in to the VIU Student Record.

Students may request any other non-academic records from the department in which they are kept. For example, requests for health and wellness or Accessibility Service records can be made at the office or clinic in which they were prepared.

Students requesting records will be asked to provide information necessary to verify their identity and, the identity of anyone wishing to access records on the student’s behalf. Where a student wishes records or information to be released to a representative, such as legal counsel or a legal guardian, they must provide written and signed authorizations for that purpose. 

Students who wish to have their records released to a third party must complete an Authorization for Release of Personal Information to Third Parties form.

VIU employees responding to requests for records should follow VIU’s Verification of Identity Guide.

Employment Records

Employees may make a routine access request to review their personnel files through Human Resources. Where records or information are to be released to a representative, such as legal counsel, a written and signed authorization must be provided.