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Budget Overview and Process

An integrated approach is applied in the development of the university budget. Data-driven decision-making is central in the approach to resource allocation and investment decisions at VIU.

Decanal areas work with the Office of University Planning and Analysis, and the Budget Office, to develop the enrolment forecast that is the basis for the tuition revenue forecast. Workforce plans for the areas are developed collaboratively based on enrolment/revenue trends, activities needed to support students, faculty and staff, and the operational needs of the university. Multiple refinements are made throughout the process to finalize the budget for the year. The result is a transparent budgeting process, where budget holders have a clear understanding of their revenue targets and expenditures for which they are accountable.

Budget Planning Cycle and Process (BHs=Budget Holders SBHs=Senior Budget Holders) 

Budget Planning Cycle and Process

Budget Planning Cycle and Process