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Provost Awards for Excellence in Teaching Design and Practice 2018 Recipients

Award: Teaching Design and Practice that Enhances Deep Learning

Recipient: Dr. Guy Le Masurier, Sport, Health & Physical Education - Faculty of Education

Guy Le Masurier's Teaching Philosophy

Photo of Dr. Guy Le Masurier

Award:   Teaching Design and Practice that Employs Experiential Learning

Recipients: Dr.'s Sylvie Lafreniere,(Sociology) Elizabeth McLin (Criminology)& Robert Willis (Management)

Lefreniere, McLine & Willis - Teaching Philosophy

Photo of Provost David Witty with Dr.'s Sylvie Lafreniere, Elizabeth McLin & Robert Willis

Award: Teaching Design and Practice that Employs Innovative Practices for Student Learning

Recipients: Dr. Daniel Burgoyne and Doug Stetar - Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Burgoyne & Stetar's Teaching Philosophy

Photo: Dr. Daniel Burgoyne. Missing from photo is Doug Stetar.

Award:  Teaching Design and Practice that Involves Cross-Disciplinary Learning

Recipient: Dr. Alexandra Weissfloch - Faculty of Science & Technology

Alexandra Weissfloch's Teaching Philosophy

Photo: Dr. Alexandra Weissfloch and Dr. David Witty Provost & Vice-President Academic