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    Blog 6: Launching the Draft Strategic Plan: A Different Kind of University

    We are delighted to announce the opening of a four-week public engagement on A Different Kind of University: Vancouver Island University’s DRAFT 2021-2026 Strategic Plan. Please read the new draft plan and share your thoughts.  Between March-July 2020, some 1,000 people shared their thoughts about...

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    Blog 5: What are we hearing about opportunities arising from our pandemic response?

    In this last post summarizing our conversations about The Future We Want to See, I'd like to share some additional thoughts about what we are hearing about the opportunities arising from VIU’s pandemic response.  The Strategic Planning engagement process was launched just two weeks before lockdown...

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    Blog 4: What are we hearing about Discovery, Community, and Reconciliation?

    In this blog post, I’d like to continue from the last edition to share the second of three summaries of our campus conversations, this time about Encouraging Discovery, Engaging Community and Deepening Reconciliation -- three more of the themes shaping our strategic planning conversations this...

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    Blog 3: What are we hearing about Access and Student Success?

    In this blog post, I'd like to reflect back to the VIU community some of the themes that are arising from our conversations about The Future We Want to See. In today's post, I share the first of three summaries of our campus conversations. This edition focuses on Deepening Access and Boosting...

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    Blog 2: Our Community’s Thoughts on VIU’s Strengths

    Since mid-March, strategic planning conversations – like all our conversations – have moved to online. I don’t know if everyone shares this experience, but these have been much more successful than I expected: I like being able to see everyone around the table, I like the more deliberate way we...

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    Blog 1: Starting the Conversation about VIU’s Strategic Plan

    Before the March 2020 decision to move learning online, VIU's strategic planning conversations involved more than 250 people, in-person and online. Thanks to all for sharing your thoughts. We’ll move our in-person consultations entirely online for the next little while; more on that soon. In the...

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    New Strategic Planning Site!

    Welcome to the new Strategic Planning website at VIU!  Stay tuned for blog posts about what we are hearing from the VIU community.

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