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Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President Administration

The Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President Administration leads a broad and varied portfolio that encompasses a range of supports and services that are delivered to the broader VIU community. They provide strategic direction and overall management of the portfolio in support of achieving the designated goals and priorities of the university.

Each operational department provides specialized services. The portfolio includes Enterprise Risk Management, Facilities and Ancillary Services, Financial Services, Information Technology Services and Strategic Initiatives.

Enterprise Risk Management and Health and Safety

This department provides risk management support to all levels of the institution in the following areas: Health and Safety, Emergency Management and Business Continuity, and Enterprise Risk Management and Insurance.

Facilities Services and Campus Development

Facilities Services oversees the physical space that supports teaching and learning activities at VIU. The Facilities Services team is responsible for all aspects of the care, maintenance, and daily operations of VIU campuses and buildings. All capital projects run through the Campus Development team from planning and design through to construction. The team also includes Universal  Access and Sustainability functions.

Ancillary Services

Ancillary Services oversees commercial services that include the Campus Store, Conference and Event Services, Food Services, Catering, Vending, Printing and Duplicating, Starbucks, and Student Housing.

Financial Services

The Finance department is responsible for the strategy, planning and delivery of financial services to the VIU user community. The department oversees the collecting and recording of revenues, paying employees and vendors, reporting on financial matters to VIU management, external agencies, and governments, and safeguarding of the university’s finances. They actively support planning and budgeting of university activities, developing financial policies and procedures, and provide procurement, contract negotiation and management services.

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services encompasses two umbrella groups. The first is IT Operations (IT) which is responsible for the strategy, planning, and delivery of IT services to the VIU user communities. These services include computing and communication, systems support and guidance, and information security. The second is Enterprise Systems (ES) who provide software development, maintenance, and implementation services to manage institutional data and support business processes and  teaching and learning activities. IT is central to the university’s educational, student-centric, operational, and administrative mandates.

Strategic Initiatives Office

This small team is deployed to undertake a range of initiatives that advance strategic priorities across the university. They concentrate on projects, aimed at enhancing the organization’s capacity to navigate and accelerate business process optimization or when areas need specialized financial support and analysis. The projects are often multi-divisional and span new and existing activity. They partner with business units to deliver solutions that balance the competing needs of the business unit within the context of broader institutional goals.