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Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures at Vancouver Island University reflect "Governance in Action." They connect the university's mission to the everyday actions of its community, clarify the university's expectations of its members, mitigate institutional risk, enhance efficiency, and support the university's compliance with laws and regulations.

Vancouver Island University's policies and procedures come under the authority of either the Board or the Senate in accordance with the University Act. They are classified by the authority responsible, and this classification determines the process used for development and review.

VIU policies and procedures are championed by the administrator responsible (the proponent) under the authority of the appropriate member of the Executive. In the development and review process, policies/procedures undergo a rigorous screening process before going forward to the appropriate governing body for approval. The review process includes three separate phases and differs subject to the type of policy/procedure ("A", "B", or "C").

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When developing, revising or rescinding policies and procedures the appropriate Senior Administrator/proponent is requested to liaise with the Office of the University Secretariat via and complete the Impact Statement.