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In-Camera Meetings

The Senate may decide at any time, by majority vote of those present and voting, that a whole meeting or any part of a meeting be held in camera.  The following subjects shall be considered in camera:

  • candidates for honorary credentials, scholarships, bursaries, and other honours
  • reports (except summary reports) concerning appeals
  • reports on admissions and academic standing where individuals are identified

At the conclusion of the in camera portion of a meeting, the Chair shall secure the approval of the Senate for the issuance of a report or announcement of a decision made in camera.  This will be made public following the meeting or its in camera portion, whichever is appropriate.

Confidential Documents

All documents presented to the Senate shall normally be regarded as public.  Nevertheless, the Chair may declare a document confidential, in which case the document shall be made available in advance only to Senators and appropriate standing committees, if the Senate so decides, and shall be discussed in camera. In camera meeting materials should always be confidential.

Minutes of Meetings

Only motions, action items, and pertinent facts shall be recorded in the minutes.  The minutes of in camera Senate meetings shall be reviewed by the Chair and sent to Senate for approval at the next in-camera meeting. If approved, shall be posted on the Senate website via the archival system using the "In Camera" category, not the "Senate" category.