VIU Scenery

Curriculum Committee Membership


President (non-voting)

  • Deborah Saucier

Provost and Vice-President Academic 

  • Michael Quinn


  • Marni Stanley


  • Stephanie Boychuk, Academic and Career Preparation
  • Camie Augustus, Arts and Humanities 
  • Marian Riedel, Education (Chair)
  • Cindy Davidson, Health Sciences and Human Services
  • Martin Martens, Management
  • Kyle Duncan, Science and Technology
  • Michele Patterson, Social Sciences (Vice-Chair)
  • Jason Lloyd, Trades and Applied Technology

Senate Faculty Member

  • Deanna McNaught


  • Bruce Caulfield

Support Staff

  • Kim Macaulay

Resource Persons (non-voting)

  • Michelle Steel, Advising
  • Andrew Armour, Associate Registrar, Admissions & Registration
  • Ross MacKay, Associate Vice-President Academic
  • Melissa Manhas, Calendar Editor
  • Jennifer Jensen-Richards, Financial Aid & Awards
  • Tasha Brooks, Indigenous Education & Engagement
  • Karl Childress, Information Technology
  • Maxwell Stevenson, Innovation and Excellence in Learning
  • Luke McLeod, Library
  • Fred Jacklin, Registrar
  • Nicole Yusep, University Planning & Analysis


  • Jenna Milne, Administrative Assistant, Registrar & Convocation