VIU Scenery

Planning & Priorities Committee Membership


President (non-voting)

  • Deborah Saucier

Provost and Vice-President Academic

  • Carol Stuart


  • Jean Maltesen, Academic and Career Preparation
  • Marni Stanley, Arts and Humanities
  • David Paterson, Education
  • Patricia O'Hagan, Health and Human Services
  • Bryan Webber, Management (acting)
  • Eve Stringham, Science and Technology 
  • Elizabeth Brimacombe, Social Sciences
  • Glynis Steen, Trades and Applied Technology


  • Joan Robin, Academic and Career Preparation
  • Georgina Martin, Arts and Humanities (Vice-Chair)
  • Wendy Simms, Education
  • Stephanie Crocker, Health and Human Services
  • Chris Jaeger, Management (Chair)
  • Gara Pruesse, Science and Technology
  • Deborah Matheson, Social Sciences
  • Deanna McNaught, Trades and Applied Technology

Senate Regional Campus Faculty

  • vacant


  • Devon Stewart

Support Staff

  • Kathleen Bortolin

Resource Persons (non-voting)

  • Jennifer Merner, Associate Registrar, Advising & Recruitment
  • Ross MacKay, Associate Vice-President Academic 
  • Nicole Vaugeois, Associate Vice-President, Scholarship, Research & Creative Activity
  • Marlene Kowalski, Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President Administration 
  • Sylvia Scow, Indigenous Education & Engagement
  • Jessie Magee-Chalmers, Regional Campus Administrator Cowichan (acting)
  • Liam Haggarty, Regional Campus Administrator Powell River 
  • David Alexander, University Librarian 
  • Kathryn Snow, University Planning and Analysis