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Planning & Priorities Committee Terms of Reference


  • president (ex-officio, non-voting)
  • provost & vice-president academic
  • 1 dean from each faculty
  • 1 faculty member from each faculty – elected from and by senate  (3 year term)                                        
  • 1 regional campus faculty member - from or associated with a regional campus and elected from and by senate (3 year term)
  • 1 student – elected from and by senate (1 year term)
  • 1 support staff – elected from and by senate (3 year term)

Resource Persons

  • associate registrar, student recruitment & advising
  • associate vice-president academic
  • associate vice-president scholarship, research, & creative activity
  • chief financial officer and vice-president administration
  • indigenous education & engagement
  • regional campus administrator (Cowichan)
  • regional campus administrator (Powell River)
  • university planning & analysis
  • university librarian

A. Provide advice to Senate regarding:

  1. implications of the annual budget as presented by the president;
  2. the financial and resource implications, if any, of proposals for new courses and programs;
  3. developing educational policy for
    • establishing or revising the mission statement, educational goals, objectives, strategies and priorities of the University;
    • establishing, developing, revising, or discontinuing courses, programs and instructional disciplines;
    • prioritizing new programs and courses leading to certificates, diplomas or degrees;
    • establishing or discontinuing Faculties;
    • developing the library and resource centres;
    • establishing the terms for affiliation with other post-secondary bodies;
    • reporting on implementing new non-credit program and programs offered under service contracts that were not previously reviewed by Senate;
    • establishing or revising processes for evaluating departments, programs and educational services;
    • consulting with the community on the University’s educational programs (e.g., advisory committees);

   4. other matters as assigned by Senate.

B. In order to provide advice to Senate under VIU Policy 31.15, and to ensure instructional programs are aligned with the values, goals, and objectives of the institution, Planning and Priorities will:

  • review all new program proposals prior to their approval and implementation;
  • monitor evidence-based periodic program reviews for all existing instructional programs;
  • review Provost recommendations as a result of the summative assessment of all existing instructional programs.


Approved by Senate - June 3, 2020