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Regular Meetings

Pre-Meeting & Post-Meeting

See the Meeting Checklist for a comprehensive list of all pre- and post-meeting activities.

Agendas – Development, Preparation, Distribution

Agenda Development

Here is a brief procedure for preparing the agenda:

  • Assemble items in the order they were received. Typically, this is the order that items are reviewed at each Senate meeting:

    • Call to Order
    • Report of the Chair
    • Business Items ( Standing Committee Reports are always first)
    • Other Business Items/Reports
    • Information Items/Correspondence
    • Adjournment
  • Prepare draft agenda – sample agenda
  • Review draft agenda with Chair & University Secretary 1½ weeks prior to meeting
  • Finalize agenda and make any revisions/additions
  • Create cover sheet – sample cover sheet
  • Make numbered divider pages and collate with agenda items – sample attachment dividers
  • Remove all staples and paperclips
  • Place a flag on all pages to be copied on tan paper (agenda, cover sheets, divider pages, etc.)
  • Hand deliver the package to the Print Shop no later than one week before the meeting.  Pick up should be as soon as possible (usually next business day) – sample printing services requisition

Agenda / Meeting Preparation

Here is a brief procedure for preparing for the meeting, in-between preparing and distributing the agenda:

  • Send email to Senate members advising packages are available for pickup and RSVP their attendance to the meeting –  sample email
  • Order food and beverages for the meeting – sample catering requisition
  • Confirm visits, tours, and presentations, if applicable
  • Email proponents regarding his/her proposal being on the agenda, the approximate time, and attach a copy of the agenda.  Ask for an RSVP

Agenda Distribution

Agendas, once completed, are distributed as per the distribution list as noted below:

  • Regular Agenda
    • All Senate Members
    • Members of the Executive
    • President of the VIUFA (agenda only via email)
    • President of CUPE (agenda only via email)
    • President of BCGEU (agenda only via email)
    • President of VIUSU (agenda only via email)
    • Senate Support (for the files)
  • Special Meetings/In-Camera
    • All Senate Members
    • Senate Support (for the files)
  • Print labels to be attached to agenda packages (if not already pre-printed).  Once the labels are affixed, arrange the packages on the filing cabinet (or place package in the internal mail if the member requests it)
  • Insert an agenda package into the “Senate Meeting Binder” (support person’s binder)

Sample email regarding agenda distribution to "agenda only".

Minutes of Meetings

Only motions, action items, and pertinent facts shall be recorded in the minutes.  The minutes of regular Senate meetings shall be included in the next ensuing regularly scheduled meeting, and, if approved, shall be posted on the Senate website via the archival system.

Here are the brief procedures for preparing and finalizing minutes of meetings:

  • Ensure the template is prepared prior to the meeting. See draft sample minutes
  • Prepare the minutes immediately following the meeting
  • Forward the draft minutes to the Chair for review
  • Once reviewed, update accordingly (including the footer – “reviewed by Chair – date), and place the draft minutes in the appropriate agenda file for approval to form part of the next month’s meeting agenda
  • Once approved, remove the “draft” from the page, and change the footer from “reviewed by Chair – date” to “Approved – date” –  approved sample minutes
  • Load the approved minutes in the Senate Archives