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Executive Committee of Senate

There shall be an Executive Committee of Senate to conduct business of an urgent nature occurring between the regular business meetings of the Senate. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair, the Vice-Chair, and the Vice-President Academic. Quorum includes either the Chair or Vice-President Academic and the Vice-Chair (or his or her designated elected Senator). The Executive Committee may invite other Senators or resource people to assist in the urgent business at hand. All decisions of the Executive Committee shall be subject to ratification by the Senate at the next scheduled meeting.

Final Appeals Tribunal

Annually Senate will strike a Final Appeals Tribunal in a manner consistent with the Academic Appeal Policy 99.02. Membership recommendations comes from the Standards & Admissions Committee and the end of each academic year. The Senate support person should "nudge" the Standards & Admissions Committee support person to add this as an agenda item for April/May.

Once Senate receives the recommendation from the Standards & Admissions Committee, Senate should pass a motion to ratify the membership.

Policies, Bylaws, & Procedures Committee

The Policies, Bylaws, & Procedures Committee meets on an ad-hoc basis to review proposed changes (or to propose changes) to Vancouver Island University Policies and Procedures (if not directed to an appropriate Standing Committee), and Senate Bylaws and Procedures. This committee was once 2 separate committees: The Policies & Procedures Committee and the Bylaws & Procedures Committee. In 2006 the Education Council Chair suggested to merge the two committees together - which then formed the Policies, Bylaws, & Procedures Committee.

At the beginning of the academic year the Senate Chair asks for volunteers to serve the committee. The Committee is struck and business items are passed down whenever necessary.