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Membership & Elections

Elections and Composition of Senate

Senate is composed according to the University Act.  Voting Senate members are appointed through an election process which is managed through the Registrar’s Office. 

Preparing for the Elections

The following is a brief procedure on how to prepare for the Senate and Standing Committee elections:

  • Review all membership lists and note positions that are coming up for renewal (Early February)
  • Meet with the Registrar’s secretary to give them the vacant positions, as well as set up timelines/dates for the elections (Late February)
  • The Registrar’s Office will send the call for nominations and inform the VIU Community of the appointments

Election of Vice-Chair of Senate

Consistent with Senate Bylaws, the term of office for the Senate Vice-Chair will be one year.  The election is normally held annually at the May/June Senate meeting.

Renewal Dates

Appointed staff and faculty members are able to serve on Senate for three-year terms; and appointed students are able to serve on Senate for one-year terms. Reappointment is permitted under the University Act.

Standing Committee Appointments

Each member of Senate is usually appointed to a Standing Committee.  Appointments to the Standing Committees are processed by the Elections Committee after the election process for Senate is finalized.

Committee appointments are renewed as required on an annual basis, normally at the April/May meeting of the Elections Committee.

Detailed checklist for new members and outgoing members.

New Senate Member Procedures

New Senate members should be orientated as much as possible.  Detailed list of procedures, which are also outlined below:

  • Prepare congratulation email which includes a link to the bylaws, procedures, membership list, Senate website, and University Act. See a sample email
  • Update all distribution lists, including membership lists (hard copies and website)
  • Create a nametag/tent card
  • Update labels for agenda packages
  • Update meeting RSVP checklist
  • Update minutes template
  • Add member to the Course Management System
  • Detailed checklist for new members


Senators may resign on their own accord, or if they have missed 3 consecutive meetings they have deemed to have resigned. If Senate allows, they may be reinstated through a motion by Senate. Before this motion takes place, an email should be sent to the Faculty or constituency (via Dean or Director), notifying them that the Senator has missed 3 consecutive meetings and will be reinstated through a motion by Senate.

Outgoing Senate Member Procedures

  • Send thank you letter/email to member, with a copy to Human Resources for the employee file
  • Remove member from all distribution lists
  • Remove member from minutes template
  • Remove member from membership lists (including website)
  • Remove member from the Course Management System

Detailed checklist for outgoing members.

Orientation for New Members

Each year there are new Senators, the Chair of Senate holds an orientation session.  This orientation session also includes the Vice-Chair, Registrar, and University Secretary.