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Corporate Seal


Consistent with Board of Governors Bylaw #4 – University Seal – the corporate Seal of the University shall be in the custody of the University Secretary at the Head Office.  This registry documents the number of official Seals currently in use at the Head Office of Vancouver Island University (Nanaimo Campus), the type of seal, department/area, custodian, and usage. 

In order to become a custodian of a corporate Seal a request for approval must be submitted by email to the University Secretary stating reason, rationale and anticipated usage.  Likewise, in order to become a custodian of a registrar’s seal, a request for approval must be submitted by e-mail to the Registrar & Director of Enrolment Services.  All Seals will be logged in the Corporate Seal registry. 








Corporate Seal

Office of the University Secretariat

  • Authentication of miscellaneous documents (e.g., legal documents, agreements, contracts, etc.) requiring a corporate seal.


Corporate Seal

Office of the VP Administration & Finance

Janette Polson

  • Limited usage.
  • Authentication of contracts and agreements, as required.


Corporate Seal

International Education


  • Limited usage.
  • Authentication of custodial forms for students under the age of 18, as the Dean is deemed legal guardian/custodian.


Registrar’s Seal

Registrar’s Office

Fred Jacklin

  • Restricted usage.
  • Authentication of academic credentials or documents
  • Certify documents, letters and miscellaneous requests requiring authentication of academic matters, e.g. certifying a course taught by a faculty member.
  • Authentication of certificates for awarding of honorary credentials.
  • Not used for contract purposes.