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VIU Governance

Vancouver Island University is a publicly funded, special purpose, teaching university operating under a bicameral governance structure in accordance with the University Act of British Columbia.

Board of Governors

The Board manages, administers, and directs the corporate affairs of the University. The board is comprised of the following individuals:

  • the chancellor;
  • the president;
  • 2 faculty members elected by the faculty;
  • 8 persons appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in council, 2 of whom are appointed from among persons nominated by the alumni association;
  • 2 students elected from those who are members of an undergraduate or graduate student society;
  • one person elected by and from the employees of the university who are not faculty members.

More information about the Board of Governors.

VIU Senate

The VIU Senate is responsible for all academic and curriculum-related matters, including development of academic policy, curriculum content, and student performance issues. The Senate must also advise the Board and the Board must seek the advice of the Senate on the development of educational policy as outlined in the University Act. The Senate is comprised of the following:

  • the chancellor;
  • the president, who sits as its chair;
  • the academic vice-president or equivalent;
  • the deans of faculties;
  • the chief librarian;
  • the registrar;
  • two faculty members for each faculty, elected by faculty members of the faculty;
  • four students, elected by the students;
  • one alumni member who is not a faculty member, appointed by the president on nomination by the alumni association;
  • two support staff elected by the support staff;
  • one non-voting member of the senate, if appointed to the senate by the board to serve for one year.

More information about the Senate.