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Presidential Re-appointment

President Deborah Saucier’s current term as President and Vice-Chancellor of Vancouver Island University (VIU) will conclude July 31, 2024. Dr. Saucier has formally indicated her interest in re-appointment to serve a second five-year term. 

Pursuant to the University Act and VIU’s governance procedures, the Board of Governors established an ad hoc advisory committee, the Presidential Re-appointment Advisory Committee (PRAC). The Committee was tasked with providing a recommendation to the Board of Governors on the president’s re-appointment. Further information on the Committee membership, Terms of Reference and the University Policy can be found below. If you have any questions about the process, please contact William Boyte, University Secretary (

Voting Members

  • Manley McLachlan, Chair, Board of Governors
  • George Anderson, Vice-Chair, Board of Governors
  • Cloy-e-iis, Judith Sayers, Chancellor
  • Nate Bello, Board of Governors
  • Karen Bittner, Board of Governors
  • John Jack, Board of Governors
  • Emmy Manson, Board of Governors
  • Kiera Brown, Student
  • Chris Jaeger, Faculty
  • Heather Pastro, Faculty
  • Tiffany McLaughlin, Staff  

Resource Persons

  • William Boyte, University Secretary
  • Joanne Rihani, Administrative Coordinator