VIU Scenery

Board Membership

Appointed by Lieutenant Governor in Council

Name Appt Date
George Anderson (On Leave) to 31-07-2025
Nate Bello to 31-07-2026
Karen Bittner, Acting Chair to 31-07-2025
Colin Gabelmann to 31-07-2024
John Alan Jack to 31-07-2024
Kiersten Packham to 31-12-2025
Manley McLachlan to 31-07-2024

Elected by Faculty

Name Appt Date
Brian Dick to 30-06-2025
Chris Jaeger to 30-06-2026

Elected by Staff 

(Employees of VIU who are not faculty members)

Name Appt Date
Johnny Blakeborough to 30-06-2025

Elected by Students

Name Appt Date

Pankaj Jangir 

to 30-06-2024
Cole Reinbold to 30-06-2024

Ex Officio

Name Position
Judith Sayers Chancellor
Deb Saucier President and Vice-Chancellor