VIU Scenery

Acronyms and Abbreviations

Abbreviation Meaning
AAACE American Association for Adult & Continuing Education
AACC American Association of Community Colleges
AACJC American Association of Community & Junior Colleges
AACU Association of American Colleges and Universities
ABE Adult Basic Education
ABEABC Adult Basic Education Association of BC
ACAP Association of College Administration Professionals
ACCC Association of Canadian Community Colleges
ACCT Association of Community College Trustees
ACE American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendations
ACERS Alberni-Clayoquat Environmental Research and Educational Society
AGB Association of Governing Boards of Universities & Colleges
ARPI Annual Review of Program Implementation
ASE Adult Special Education
ASPECT The Association of Service Providers for Employability & Career Training
ASTEC Applied Studies Training and Education Centre
AUCC Association of Universities & Colleges of Canada
A/V Audio Visual
BA Bachelor of Arts
BBA Bachelor of Business Administration
BCAVA B.C. Association of Vocational Administrators
BCCAT B.C. Council on Admissions and Transfers
BCCIE B.C. Centre for International Education
BCCP British Columbia College Presidents
BCGEU B.C. Government & Service Employees’ Union
BCIT B.C. Institute of Technology
BCSFA B.C. Salmon Farmer's Association
BCSTA B.C. School Trustees Association
BCTF B.C. Teachers Federation
BCYSA B.C./Yukon Student Association
BDU Budget Decisionary Units
BEd Bachelor of Education
BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts
BJRT Basic Job Readiness Training
BMus Bachelor of Music
BPE Bachelor of Physical Education
BSc Bachelor of Science
BSW Bachelor of Social Work
BScN Bachelor of Science & Nursing
BJRT Basic Job Readiness Training
BTSD Basic Training for Skill Development
C2T2 Centre for Curriculum, Transfer & Technology (also CCTT)
CAAE Coalition for the Advancement of Applied Education
CAP Career & Academic Preparation
CASA Canadian Association of Student Associations
CAPSLE Canadian Association for the Practical Study of Law in Education
CAUT Canadian Association of University Teachers
CBIE Canadian Bureau of International Education
CCBO Community College Business Officers
CCEO Council of Chief Executive Officers
CCLOW Canadian Congress for Learning Opportunities for Women
CCTT Centre for Curriculum, Transfer & Technology (also C2T2)
CE Community Education or Continuing Education
CEA Canadian Education Association
CIEA College Institute Educators’ Association of B.C.
CEIC Canada Employment & Immigration Commission
CEISS The Centre for Education Information Standards and Services
CFI Canadian Foundation for Innovation
CFS Canadian Federation of Students
CIDA Canadian International Development Agency
CIEA College/Institute Educators Association
CISSBA Colleges and Institutes Support Staff Bargaining Association
CIVI Culinary Institute of Vancouver Island
CJS Canadian Job Strategy
CLEC Cowichan Lake Education Centre
CMEC Council of Ministers Education, Canada
COEDCO Council of Education Council Chairs
COG Council of Governors
COP Council of Principals
COWCUBS Council of Western Canadian University Board Secretaries
COWCUP Council of Western Canadian University Presidents
CPN College of Presidents’ Network
CPSLD Council of Post-Secondary Library Directors
CRIHS Committee for Research Involving Human Subjects
CSR Centre for Shellfish Research
CSSHE Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education
CTMS Contract Training & Marketing Society
CUCI Council of Unions in Colleges and Institutes
CUPE Canadian Union of Public Employees
CUR Council on Undergraduate Research Institute
CVA Canadian Vocational Administrators
CWUAA Canada West Universities Athletic Association
DA Dental Assisting
DPRC Degree Program Review Committee
E & D Ethics & Development Committee
EAP Employee Assistance Program
ECEC Early Childhood Education & Care
EDCO Education Council
EDG Economic Development Group, Nanaimo
ELTT Entry-Level Trades Training
EOW Employment Orientation for Women
ESL English as a Second Language
FBDB Federal Business Development Bank
FRS Financial Record System
FT Full-Time
FTE Full-Time Equivalent
HDM Heavy Duty Mechanics
HEO Heavy Equipment Operator
HRDC Human Resources Development Canada
IBT Industry Based Training
ICR Institute for Coastal Research
ICET Island Coastal Economic Trust
ICLI Institute for Community Leadership Innovation
IMC Instructional Management Committee
INAC Indian and Northern Affairs Canada
IPGA International Policy Governance Associations
IPHRC Indigenous Peoples’ Health Resource Centre
IRMA Industrial Relations Management Association
ISP Interdisciplinary Studies Program
ISTA Information, Science and Technology Agency (Ministry; see ITSD)
IT Information Technology
ITA Industry Training Authority
ITAS Information Technology & Applied Systems
ITSD Information Technology Services Division (see ISTA)
KNOW Knowledge Network of the West
KPI Key Performance Indicator
LRC Learning Resource Centre
LTC Long Term Care
MACO Management Committee
MAVED Ministry of Advanced Education
MBA Masters of Business Administration
MDS Multi‑Disciplinary Studies
MIS Management Information System
MIPEA Mid Island Public Employer's Association
MISTIC Mid-Island Science, Technology & Innovations Council
MOTH Ministry of Transportation and Highways
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MSUS VIU Students’ Union Society
MSSH Ministry of Social Services & Housing
NACAS National Association of College Auxiliary Services
NALT Nanaimo and Area Land Trust
NEADS National Educational Association of Disabled Students
NEED New Employment Expansion & Development
NEFAP Nanaimo Employee and Family Assistance Program
NEWCANTEP New Canadian Teacher Education Program
NPRC New Program Review Committee
NRC National Research Council
NSERC Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
NTTS Nanaimo Technical & Trade School
OA Office Administration
OLA Open Learning Agency
OLI Open Learning Institute
OPEIU Office & Professional Employees International Union
OWG Outcomes Working Group
P & R Planning & Resources Committee
PA Pre‑Apprentice
PAC Provincial Activity Codes
PAC Parking Appeals Committee
PACE Pacific Association of Continuing Education
PAITEP Professional Access Initiative Teacher Education Program
PAS BC Post Secondary Application Service of BC
PD Professional Development
PDC Post Secondary Discipline Classifications
PEN Personal Education Number
PIAF Pacific Institute of Aquaculture & Fisheries
PLA Prior Learning Assessment
PLN Provincial Learning Network
PN Practical Nursing
PNAIRP Pacific Northwest Association of Institutional Researchers & Planners
PRIT Pacific Rim Institute of Tourism
PSEA Post Secondary Employers’ Association
PPSEC Private Post-Secondary Education Commission
PPWC Pulp & Paper Workers of Canada
PSEA Post-Secondary Employers’ Association
PSEC Post Secondary Employers’ Council
PT Part‑Time
RAC Request for Additional Course
RMOT Resource Management Officer Technology
SAC Standards & Admissions Committee
SAG Space Allocation Group Committee
SAWS Scheduling and Workload System
SCOEA Standing Committee on Evaluation and Accountability
SCOET Standing Committee on Educational Technology
SESOC Senior Educational Services Officers Committee
SFAO Senior Financial Administrative Officers (Formerly Bursars’ Group)
SIOC Senior Instructional Officers Committee
SOCAN Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada
SRS Student Record System
SSHR Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
SSW Social Service Worker
STP Special Training Project
SVI Society of Vocational Instructors
TASMI Transportation and Safety Management Initiative
TFC Temporary Funded Course
TONI Training Opportunities for Native Initiatives
TRU Thompson Rivers University
TUPC The Universities Presidents’ Council
UCBC University Colleges of British Columbia
UCC University College Consortium
UCIPP University College Insurance Protection Program
UT University Transfer
VCC Vancouver Community College
VIU Vancouver Island University
VIUFA Vancouver Island University Faculty Association
VPA Vice-President, Academic
VPAF Vice-President, Administration and Finance
VVI Vancouver Vocational Institute
WAC Women's Access Centre
WHMIS Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
WIT Women's Introduction to Trades
WPSE Women in Post-Secondary Education