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Governance Resource Centre

This page is to assist faculty, staff, and students with institutional governance related information.

Instruments of Governance at VIU

  1. The University Act and/or any other statute.
  2. Regulations established under the University Act and/or any other statute.
  3. Common Law
  4. Any bylaw of the BoardSenate or Faculties.
  5. Policies and Procedure as published on the University Policies and Procedures Website (“A”, “B”, and “C” policies and procedures).
  6. Practices as established by the Board or Senate or Faculties or Roberts Rules of Order. 

Board of Governors

For complete information on the Board including membership, bylaws, and meeting information, please visit the Board of Governors website.


For complete information on the Senate including membership, Senate bylaws, Faculty Bylaws, and meeting information, please visit the Senate website.


Please find below the link to each Faculty website. 

View the most up-to-date Faculty bylaws.

Students serving as Members of Faculties or Faculty Councils - Coming Soon!